Over the years, we have done a number of cultural weddings.

For a reception for 800 guests at the Bombay Inn in Surrey, we were able to provide 1600 Sunset Sodas (vodka and soda with a splash of Peach or BC Berry slush on top). It was such a hit that we got a call to do another wedding the next weekend at the same venue. We are able to cater to all the wedding celebrations, including engagement parties, henna parties, large family gatherings at home. Recently, we have developed a vegan mango lassi made from mango puree and coconut cream. This is great to serve at the temple or as a non-alcoholic alternative.

Think of a signature cocktail to match your wedding colours or theme , or to remind you of a special beverage you both like. One groom loved traditional “blue raspberry slushies” so we delivered, complete with the Slush Puppie Cup. Another groom wanted to have black and red frozen cocktails to match the Harley Davidson he rode into the ceremony. We did that too! Brides are not to be left out, we can put a little gold into the festivities with little gold stars rimming the glasses. If lavender is your colour, we can do an elderflower martini with Empress purple gin. The possibilities are endless.

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Photo by Saad on Unsplash