Slushie Equipment Rentals

Slushie machine rental prices and all the accessories you'll need.


Number Available

Rental Price


Bunn Ultra 2 Machine

slushie machine rentals vancouver

23 L (6 gal) 2 hopper frozen drink machine. Alcohol rated. 2 Contact for pricing. Includes delivery.
Ugolini Granita Machine

slushie machine rentals north vancouver

20 L (5 gal) 2 hopper frozen drink machine 2 Contact for pricing. Includes delivery.
Cooler Bag

slushie cooler bag rental vancouver

16 L capacity with four cooler jugs for chilled or frozen slush 10 $25.00
Rubbermaid rolling cart For Ugolini Granita Machine 2 $25.00
Cambro rolling cart For Bunn Ultra 2   Machine 2 $25.00

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A slushie machine can add an extra touch of fun to an event!

Break the ice with a slushie machine – it will really give your guests something to talk about.

We hear a lot of ‘what’s your favorite flavour?’, ‘who sells the best slushies’, ‘just what I need on a hot day’, ‘when I was a kid…’ type comments that can cover the pauses or get the conversation started.