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Do you just rent slushie machines or do you also do party planning and catering?

We offer the only “concierge” frozen drink machine rentals service for parties and events in the Lower Mainland. We do work with some great caterers that we can recommend and can provide delivery from restaurant wholesalers of the best guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips. We do have Mexican decor and service ware available for rent. We can also offer general event planning advice as part of our service. Contact us for more information.

What flavours and colours do you have?

We have over 40 flavours, including the most popular for adults (lime, strawberry and peach) and the most popular for kids (blue raspberry, cherry and orange). We also have a variety of “iced cap” flavours. You can pick your flavour to match the colour theme for your event or corporate logo, such as: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, aqua, royal blue, purple and near black. See list of flavours. Contact us for more information.

Can you do healthy or sugar-free slushies?

We do have top quality mixes from our premium supplier that are made fresh from real fruit, herbs and flowers and a 100% fruit juice based line of flavours from Slush Puppie, but they all have relatively high percentage of sugar as the machine requires a certain percentage of sugar or “brix” to prevent the product from freezing solid.

How does the slushie machine work? Do I need to buy ice?

All of our commercial frozen drink machines had built-in refrigeration drums with augers that turn constantly scraping off the frozen product and creating slush, so all you need to get your slushie is cold product and approximately 2 hours of chilling time.

How big the machines and what are the power and space requirements?

The Ugolini Machine 24”W 24”D and 34” H and weighs 80 lbs. The Bunn Ultra 2 Machine is 26”W 30”D and 38” H and weighs 140 lbs. For both machines you require dedicated circuits (no other appliance can be run on the same circuit) a sturdy wooden folding table or countertop without overhead cabinets. We can provide rolling carts at an extra charge. Minimum clearances ae 6 inches on all sides to allow for venting. Machines can be operated with a generator. Contact us for more information.

Can I add alcohol?

Our Bunn Ultra 2 frozen drink machines are rated for alcohol and we can provide you with information on the quantities of alcohol you would need to make a variety of frozen cocktails. You can add a maximum of one ounce of hard alcohol for every seven to eight ounces of slush in the machine. We are not licensed or insured as a bartending service but we can recommend bartenders or servers with Serve it Right if required. Please make sure that your event has the proper licensing required if you are serving or selling alcoholic beverages.

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Slushies and Mexican Décor to your door.

We are located in North Vancouver and offer free delivery within a 20 km area (Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby). We will deliver up to 75 km from North Vancouver but an additional fee based on travel time will apply.


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